• I Had Lost the Motivation to Write

    Disclaimer: This a personal post that may provide you with no substantial value. I had lost my drive for creation, my motivation to write, my passion to be creative, and my discipline to be consistent. I had lost my yearning desire to express myself and share my painful past and experiences with the world. I……

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  • Why??!! Do I Still Feel Triggered by My First Relationship That Ended 5 Years Ago??

    My first real relationship ended roughly around 5 years ago. But why does that one still sting? Has 5 years not been enough time to let it to rest? Is it because I had invested so much time and energy into it? Or is it because I never expected to actually end? My first real……

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  • How I Had to Stop Chasing Money to Become Happy

    For the whole decade of my 20s, I found myself on a hamster wheel blindly chasing after money. Chasing after the life money seemed to bring: glitter, status, confidence, and happiness. The worst part was thinking that I was entitled to all of it growing up and that I didn’t know any better. I experienced……

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