A Letter to My Younger Self

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash


Life has been a rollercoaster but you have done a great job and are doing a good job.
I know you did the best you could at every moment and made the best decisions for yourself at each life altering moments.
I am proud of your personal growth and grit to pursue a path more suited for you and your happiness.

If there was a thing, I just wish you had learned to love yourself sooner and believed in yourself more.
But, it is never too late.

I am proud of the person you have become and the person you are meant to be.
I have accepted and embraced your younger, naive and immature self. You were a kid, how would you have known any better?
But I am glad you walked through those stages in life in the manner that you did.
You wouldn’t be where you are today if you didn’t walk your path.

Now with more clarity and focus to achieve and live out your life purpose, walk with confidence. You are a strong, bad ass woman. Never stop trying. Never stop growing. Continue to learn. Continue to live and love.

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