I Had Lost the Motivation to Write

Disclaimer: This a personal post that may provide you with no substantial value.

I had lost my drive for creation, my motivation to write, my passion to be creative, and my discipline to be consistent.

I had lost my yearning desire to express myself and share my painful past and experiences with the world.

I have fallen off my self-improvement binge and have submerged myself into my unproductive ways and infinite sinkholes of television and video games.


That’s a weird question to be asking you.

But while engaging in my guilty pleasures of potato-ness, in the back of my mind, I found myself questioning my actions.

Productivity guilt is real.

I had managed to be consistent for a whole 1.5 months.

Maybe I had used my whole tank of energy to hone in for the past few months.

I tried to consume as much information I can find, learn new topics, watch countless youtube videos trying to absorb how to create a successful blog, seo, trends, medium, investing, atomic habits, passive income streams and so on.

Had I burnt myself out?

During the couple months that I had found a newfound passion for writing, I barely an ounce of passion to focus on my full time job.

Before, after, and during my weekends, I found myself honing all my energy into trying to learn every detail about blogging.

It was all I could think about. It was my outlet.

Then suddenly, the past month or so, all I did was work and look for a different hobby.

Had my priorities shifted?

This article is written to document and to be able to track my own feelings and cycles of how my behaviors shift.

My passion suddenly disappeared and I picked up different hobbies as if writing was never a thing.

It felt like a switch.

It was sudden and just so natural.

But hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end to my hiatus in writing.

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