Tips on How to Think of Topics to Write About on Your Blog

Figuring Out What to Write About is Tough. Photo by Startup Stock Photos

Back in 2016, I first attempted at writing a blog post on an interest I had in an app that had exploded. I had written about Kakao, a famous Korean messaging app like whatsapp. But little did I know that that was blogging and that you could potentially make a career around it. Though far from it, I just didn’t know that making money was a possibility back then.

Fast forward to today, after researching different career options and watching different Youtube channels, I finally decided to attempt writing a blog after I found inspiration through a successful Youtuber & medical doctor, Ali Abdaal. I was impelled to watch more on how he managed to live his life juggling both. As I was digging deeper, I stumbled upon his video talking about him writing a blog and how that caused a butterfly effect for where he is today. Motivated to finally apply my wants into action, I felt encouraged to start a blog and write about different facets of my life and topics that interest me.

I had to walk myself through my thought process. There was nothing bad that could have come out of trying. There were only good and best case scenarios. The good case scenario is the potential to be able to create a small avenue of income through this.

The best case scenario of writing a blog were endless:

It produces a space for creativity, it gives me an opportunity to explore my interests, it incentivizes me to research topics and publish my thoughts/opinions, it can potentially help people by sharing my experiences, and ultimately to it gives me the room to express myself and apply my thoughts.

So… it’s only been 2 weeks since I started my blog, and I already feel like I ran into a bit of a wall. Though my topics are broad and have a multitude of subtopics to write about, I’m just not used to writing so much content.

As I am teaching myself how to blog, these are some of the tips and pros & cons to each tip as I am learning:

  1. Listen to your heart.

If you’ve created a blog about a certain topic(s), there is an innate level of interest. You are curious to learn about the subject or share with the world your thoughts, beliefs, and what you’ve learned. I found that it is much easier to write about the experiences you’ve been through and the ones you want to share.

The Pros: You learn to listen to yourself more. You learn to listen to that inner voice that is so excited to share with the world their feelings.

The Cons: You aren’t motivated to write if your heart doesn’t feel a pull.

2. Tap into your curiosity.

Be curious to learn about different interests and topics.

It has a domino effect. Once you start to research about topics you are curious about, then one thing leads into another. And you realize what a gift it is to have the opportunity to tap into your curiosities. Some people just don’t try or don’t get to try.

The Pros: You learn more about yourself and the way you work. You have a lot of fun when researching about what awakens your soul when you read about it. You get lost into your reading and you learn more than you ever knew about it.

The cons: You may end up with 10 different uncompleted drafts of 10 different subtopics you are curious about. And if you’re it may be 6am the next morning when you check the time after you find yourself completely immersed in your subject.

3. There is No Right or Wrong Topic to Blog About

Every new article starts out as a blank canvas. You start off with a new page every time. Sometimes ideas come free flowingly. Other times, you really need to squeeze your brain into figuring out how to fit in a product review of a new monitor lamp you just bought and are overly excited to share with the world, but it just doesn’t fit your theme.

But, the best thing that you learn is how to figure out your flow and what’s best for you and your blog through trial and error.

The Pros: There is no wrong topic to blog about. It’s your blank slate. It is your space to create or make mistakes on. Get creative!

The cons: There is no right topic to write about. When you work better with structure and directions, good luck figuring them out!

4. Read about subtopics and Do your Research.

You realize how much more there is to the topic you have picked. In my case, I was always interested in self development, self help, productivity, effectiveness, personal finance and self growth. But little did I know how vastly wide these categories are. The more you research, the more you learn and the more you learn, the more you can share.

The Pros: You realize how fun it is when you dive deeper into the interests you have. You realize that you can help others by sharing what you learn and already know.

The cons: You realize how difficult it is to learn something new and retain information. You realize how difficult it is to write and try to teach others when you barely know enough about the topic.

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