How Taking 5 Minutes Out of the Day For Yourself Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Be Happy, Smile More Often and Treat Yourself

Everyday, we juggle our responsibilities and obligations of our work, relationships, family, and friends. Managing these personal, emotional, and social aspects of our lives can be challenging when they all come down you on once.

While trying to multitask all of these aspects, we can find ourselves flustered and overwhelmed with the demands of life. As we grow older, it becomes harder as our responsibilities are bigger and each decision carries more weight.

It is easy to overlook self-care when you prioritize yourself last. This is a gentle reminder to those out there hustling, striving for your goals, working for your family, or just working for yourself to take 5 minutes out of your day to Treat Yourself.

Treat Yoself

Aziz Ansari, Parks & Recreation

Find a time block for 5 minutes out of the day to do something meaningful for yourself.

Ask yourself what makes you happy. Find something that makes you smile or helps you reach your own personal goal. No matter how small it is, take the steps.

Learn to practice being present while you…

Go get ice cream.

Go for a stroll.

Go outside and sit in the sun for 5 min.


Write your thoughts and feelings.

Close your eyes and listen to a song.

Read a book for 5 min.

Get into a habit of doing a small thing for yourself once a day.

You will realize how it will improve your quality of life and how that will contribute to your overall fulfillment and happiness.

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