Learning to Deal with My Anxiety during the Uncertain Times of the Global Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic presented significant challenges for the restaurant industry.

Having been in this industry for the past decade, learning how to deal with this sort of uncertainty has been quite a challenge.

The lockdown shut down the business for a month at a time without real updates or direction on how to manage the crisis. The uncertainty of receiving a paycheck left us all stricken with anxiety. Can we pay rent? Is the business going to shut down completely? How long is the lock down going to be?

Worldwide pandemic left the world in shambles. Photo by Anna Shvets.

Just how life was even before the pandemic, the best and only thing I could do to channel my negative energy was to find healthy ways to keep myself busy, rather than sitting around waiting for things to happen. I needed to take control of the controllables and let go of the uncontrollables. I took this time and opportunity to read about things I have always wanted to learn about that I never took the time to actually do.

Re-learning how to read (not literally but figuratively) was probably the best thing that helped focus my mind on other things. I was never much of a reader. I always preferred watching youtube or TV over reading a good book. Along with reading, I took a few courses on how to learn how to invest, learn the fundamentals of investing for retirement, and design courses.

Moments like this make you take a hard look on your life. I couldn’t stop thinking about trying to figure out pandemic and recession proof careers. I felt helpless. It’s a mental battle you need to fight within yourself, learning how to soothe yourself and prevent yourself from falling into further rabbit holes.

But the biggest lesson I learned was that during times like this, you just got to keep moving forward. No one has control over situations and life, other than themselves. Learning how to self soothe, breathe, and ultimately not imagine the worst are the only things you really could do.

What have you learned during these times?

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