A Letter to My Younger Self

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash Zhane, Life has been a rollercoaster but you have done a great job and are doing a good job. I know you did the best you could at every moment and made the best decisions for yourself at each life altering moments.I am proud of your personal growth and... Continue Reading →

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The Value of Time & Presence As We Grow Older

A Reminder to yourself: We will be the youngest we are today. Savor each moment and remember the importance of presence. Every moment is fleeting. Each moment that passes turns into a memory.  Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels I never understood what it meant when time was going by so fast in my teens and 20s. Growing... Continue Reading →

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Happy Twosday 2/22/22

Celebrating 1 out of 38 palindrome dates What makes this Twosday such a special day? It is a palindrome date, which means, the date reads the same forwards or backwards. And it happens to fall on a Tuesday. Today is Tuesday February 22, 2022. According to this article, there are 38 palindrome dates in the... Continue Reading →

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